Managing Director: Chris Johnson - BA(Media & Communications), Dip(Audio Production)

Chris has innovated in the media, music and not for profit sectors for over twenty years. He specialises in developing organisations, teams and services that exceed KPI's, stakeholder expectations, and engagement.

In 2003 at the age of 22, Chris was appointed as the sole employee, and founding manager of youth station Edge Radio in Tasmania. He was required to develop station strategy, operational processes, and a revenue base to sustain the station.

His pioneering work supported hundreds of volunteer radio program makers, grew a strong brand, loyal local audience, secured a solid financial base from over 70 business sponsors, grew and managed a paid staff team of five, and attracted numerous awards including Australian community radio station of the year.

In 2006 the Tasmanian Government awarded Chris the Tasmanian Young Achiever of the Year Career Award for his innovative business acumen and development of Edge Radio as a vital community service. In between Chris was appointed to the Arts Tasmania’s grants advisory panel, community radio’s national Digital Radio Standing Committee, and the Music Council of Australia.

In 2008 Chris was appointed to manage and revitalise the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) when it attracted $600,000 per annum of Australian Government funding. With a team that Chris identified, he conceived, developed and delivered a suite for innovative digital products, services and solutions to distribute new Australian music to community radio and to empower broadcasters to promote musicians on-air and online, including AirIt, Amrap Pages, Airplay Search, Radio Replay and Radio Website Services. By 2018 over 200 record labels, 300 radio stations, 3,000 broadcasters and 6,000 signed and independent artists had used Amrap services. Amrap contributed to a 7% rise in Australian music airplay across community radio, boosting that sector's average weekly Australian music airplay to 2,000 hours.

Chris and the Amrap team created Onto It Media in 2018, with a new mission to help bars pubs, clubs, hotels and other venues in the hospitality and event sectors boost their business, and the programming and promotion of live performance.

Co-Director & Product Development: Ben Briedis - BA Law (Hons), PhD (Computer Science)

Ben has a rare talent for developing incredibly complex software that is surprisingly intuitive and user-friendly.

Over two decades, Ben has worked for large corporates, government organisations, and small start ups. Ben worked extensively as a Product Developer including creating software for DNA sequence analysis at Nucleics (C, C++, Octave, R, Linux, Mac), and software to assist IT managers in monitoring service level agreements (SLAs) and products at Compuware and Proxima Technology.

For 9 years, Ben worked for Chris as Amrap's Chief Software Developer, creating a range of core services for community radio. These included the AirIt music catalogue, Amrap Pages plugin for radio station websites, Radio Website Services and Amrap's Radio Replay, an on-demand radio system.

Ben brings an innovative and common-sense approach to software and technical solutions.

ACCOUNT MANAGER: Brooke Olsen - B.A (Media & Communications)

Brooke's achievements at the coal-face of the Australian media and music sectors have landed her at the table with local councils, arts organisations, and music business bigwigs, where she's helped them develop tangible results.

In 2008, Brooke sourced, built, founded, co-directed and curated an independent live music venue and gallery in Marrickville (now Inner West LGA) called ‘Dirty Shirlows’. The venue won an FBi Radio SMAC Award (Sydney Music Arts and Culture Award) for ‘Best Collective’. Over five years it became one of Sydney’s most celebrated independent venues, and is regarded as key to the development of Marrickville’s music and arts community.

For two years Brooke was Co-Director of innovative music festival Sound Summit, where she attracted council, government and commercial funding to program local and international artists. Brooke has volunteered and worked at community radio stations in Sydney including 2RRR, 2SER and FBi Radio where she developed a range of projects, training programs and initiatives. At FBi Radio she presented and co-produced their multi-award winning experimental music and soundtrack program ‘Ears Have Ears’.

As Amrap's Music Distribution manager for ten years, Brooke worked with Ben and Chris to develop a range of innovative products to increase Australian music access, airplay and tracking, and liaised with hundreds of music businesses, record labels, and artist representatives.

Digital design manager: Maddy Stirton - BA, MIntS

Maddy has worked on a variety of community based projects overseas for not-for profits, and brought this knowledge home to support Australian organisations. With a Masters in International Studies, Maddy understands how to identify and address challenges of non-government organisations and community enterprises. Maddy has most recently worked as Amrap's Radio Website Services Coordinator. Rather than being a tech-head, Maddy used the website technology to foster genuine operational and cultural change to grow station audiences through powerful web, social media and mobile content.