It’s never been more important to market your venue online.
venue hire
& table
quizzes &
televised sports
But it’s tricky & time-consuming to make all the pieces fit across your website, social media, search results & advertising.
Online promotions can quickly fall out of date, losing you patrons, customers and cash.
That's why we've worked with dozens of bars, pubs and live music venues to create...
VOS is your website builder, social media manager,  marketing artwork designer, and online search optimiser all in one.
VOS gathers great content from your performers, events, food menus and bar products and sorts it into a wicked looking website, engaging social media content, search engine results, and marketing campaigns to suit your style.

Your VOS website can look anyway you like, but what makes VOS special is that it gives you practical, easy-to-use features designed exclusively for bars, pubs, clubs and venues...things that other platforms and agencies never get right.
VOS fills the gaps and keeps your marketing on track, so new patrons discover your venue and existing ones come back for more.

VOS includeS...

a website that gets
people through your door

Important content is not buried - events guide, daily menu specials, and promotions are upfront on  the homepage in swipe-able carousels (like netflix).

event promotion that makes sense

VOS instantly gathers performers' info, music and videos for your website, events guides, and to post on social media. No more missing details or wordy biographies - just great artist info, film clips, and of course music to get people excited to see the show.

Event features also work great to manage non-music events like quizzes, social competitions and special events.

A FLEXIBLE event poster designer for facebook & instagram

VOS instantly drafts great looking posters with event details, artist press shots and info. VOS adds your venue's branding and colour scheme so you can simply post as is, or you can change colours and text to suit the specific event. VOS grabs artist social media handles so they're notified to share your posts.

A clever FACEBOOK POST GENERATOR TO SHARE artist videos & music

VOS gathers each performers' Facebook videos and Spotify songs so you've got great content to post and promote. Simply paste the draft posts to Facebook to create buzz for the event. And of course each post also notifies the artists for sharing, and contains event details to get people to your venue.

powerful tools to promote food, drinks & specials

Set daily or weekly specials for your food/drink products to auto-boost their website promotion across those days.

Use the inbuilt designer to create food and drink memes and post to socials.

VOS even lets you mix and match food, beverage and events info onto a single poster to promote a specific day or week's activities.

a common-sense CALENDAR to keep everyone on the same page

The VOS dashboard gathers event dates, daily/weekly specials, and product promotional periods into an easy to follow calendar. No more staff missing what's on happy hour today, if an event lineup is confirmed, or what to post to social media today.

Click on any event or menu item to update its details and generate social media content for the days ahead.

VOS is venue marketing, made easy

Smart-syncing to keep your website, social media and search results up to date - including google restaurant and event search listings.
An event marketing plan generator that gathers artist info, then instantly drafts social media posts, including artist videos and music, to grab your follower's attention and boost your social media audience.
Mobile friendly food/beverage menus with product marketing options to instantly advertise daily specials, drinks promotions.
Amazing artwork designer that instantly gathers event, food, beverage, and specials info so you can quickly create posters, images, photos and memes for instagram and facebook posts.
A powerful dashboard calendar that lists each days events, food/drinks specials and promotions so staff can keep up to date with priorities, and jump into the artwork designer to generate social media content for the days ahead.
Match your design needs (eg graphic artist concepts), work with us to design the site, or 'clone' your existing website design if you still like the look, but need want the power of VOS.
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