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​Newcastle Funk soul trio, Five piece Perth psychedelic rockers, Solo Sydney blues and roots songwriter
Note for Ben: Rather than having them 'register' an account as the first step I suggest we put this button here and at that point it asks them for a password or gives option to register using Facebook or Gmail account. Maybe a clever way to get them into the process without feeling fatigued by registering for an account that they don't understand yet.
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Explain why you are performing (eg to celebrate your new single or upcoming album), your influences, your achievements to date. Use exciting language but avoid cliches and talking about how awesome you are. Focus on facts that will inspire people to explore your music. Tips here.
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How do I find the embed code?
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You'll may be 'quoted' on the Promoter's Facebook post about the video, so focus on an interesting fact or theme
Eg We filmed this in the middle of winter in the Blue Mountains and froze our butts off, but the director wanted us to look like we were in pain!
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